Chapter 2. Asterix and the Golden Sickle

Rene Goscinny

Albert Uderzo

English Translations: Anthea Bell & Derek Hockridge


Getafix has broken his golden sickle, so Asterix and Obelix visit Lutetia to buy a new one for him. But, the sicklesmith — Asterix's cousin — vanishes without a trace. Where could he have gone? And can Asterix solve the mystery and bring Getafix what he needs?
Another early one as can been seen from the cruder drawings. The first book with special guest appearances — Uderzo and French actor Raimu.

Table 2.1. Asterix and the Golden Sickle - Annotations

Page, Panel Comment
Page 1, Panel 2 "There'll always be..." = World War II-era Nationalistic song "There'll Always be an England" (words and music by Ross Parker and Hugh Charles)
Page 2, Panel 6 The carnutes were by modern day Orleans
Page 6, Panel 1 Auf wiedersehen = goodbye
Page 6, Panel 6 "the great ox-cart race, the Suindinum 24 hours" is a reference to the 24 hours car race in Le Mans, France. Suindinum is the old name of Le Mans. A homage to Jean Graton, comic book author, whose series about the race car driver Michael Vaillant is a classic in France. Jean Graton is seen as the blue tunic-ed chariot driver.
Page 7, Panel 4 Ben Hur = Character from the novel by Lewis Wallace. Anachronism. Wallace's book is set in the first century A.D.
Page 13, Panel 10 Cave = beware
Page 14, Panel 3 Pompeii is a city in S. Italy buried under mud and ash by Vesuvius in 79 AD - an anachronism.
Page 14, Panel 7 Vade retro = move back
Page 16, Panel 1 Actor Charles Laughton (1899-1962) — a famous American actor who played Roman statesmen in films by Cecil B DeMille — was the model for Surplus Dairiprodus.
Page 18, Panel 4 The new owner of wine shop is a caricature of French actor Raimu who also had a typical accent from Marseille..
Page 19, Panel 4 Agelian = Sens
Page 24, Panel 1 Alcoholix = In the original French the wine merchant was named 'Saintgés' — a tip of the hat by Goscinny and Uderzo to their wine merchant friend of that name. Some translators (German, Spanish, etc.) left the reference intact while some (English, Dutch, etc.) used local puns.
Page 24, Panel 9 Mola Rubra = Red Mill = Moulin Rouge, a famous night club in paris
Page 24, Panel 10 Any chance that this little dog in the Lutetian street is the first drawing of Dogmatix? Except for the black eye and the spot on his back, there are similarities.
Page 25, Panel 5 Bois de Boulogne is a large forest near Paris.
Page 39, Panel 9 Quis, quid, ubi, quibus auxiliis, cur, quomodo, quando? = Who, what, where, by what means, why, how, when?
Page 39, Panel 11 "Acta est fabula, plaudite cives" = "The story is over, applause, citizens!" Said by Cicero or Cato Sr. on his deathbed. "Acta est fabula" was common as an ending in theaters. Literally, "The fairy tale has been acted."
Page 42, Panel 1 "I Love Paris in the Springtime" by Cole Porter

Table 2.2. Asterix and the Golden Sickle - Names

Name (in order of appearance) Comment
Alcoholix Alcoholic
Metallurgix Metallurgic: having to do with the working of metals.
Navishtricks Knavish tricks: a knave is a villian. From "God Save the Queen": "Confound their politics, frustrate their knavish tricks..."
Clovogarlix Clove of garlic
Surplus Dairiprodus Surplus dairy produce: extra milk.
Claudius Omnibus Omnibus: double decker bus