Preface to Version 3

Why version 3.0? When I started maintaining The Annotations it was mainly an HTML-ized version of Ron's original work. As soon as I started hosting Version 2.0 I sent out an email to The Asterix Mailing List. Updates to the Annotations started pouring in. Pretty soon I realized that the Annotations have moved quite a bit away from Ron's original work. This does not mean that the original character of Version 1.0 has been lost. It just means that the Annotations has come a long way. I hope I have been successful in keeping the spirit of the first version alive. I still owe a lot to Ron for having done most of the ground work.

The Annotations now include a new section titled 'Ideas for new Asterix Books'. I have also re-organized the Geography and Terminology sections. I have included small images of the book cover in the book annotations.

Version 3.0 is work in progress. Things that are still missing as of May 1998 include a section for songs in Asterix books, a section explaining the humour techniques in Asterix and a section for guest appearances.

As of Version 3.0 I have modified the copyright and re-distribution license of the Annotations.

Sudhakar Thaths Chandrasekharan