The Roman Camps

The four Roman camps that surround the village are named differently in the English and American translations.

Table 1.2. The Roman Camps in the English Translation

Camp Comments
Aquarium Self explanatory.
Totorum Torturous or "Tot o' rum". Later references to "Delerium" in "Asterix in Spain" suggest the first interpretation. In the original French the camp is called 'Babaorum' (baba au rhum = rum cake). This points to the latter interpretation.
Laudanum Laudanum is a solution of opium in alcohol.
Compendium A compendium is a collection, usually a book.

Table 1.3. The Roman Camps in the American Translation

Camp Comments
Aquarium Self explanatory.
Opprobrium Conduct bringing shame and disgrace.
Nohappimedium No happy medium = no agreeable compromise
Delirium A confused mental state often involving hallucinations.