Chapter 4. Suffixes

One of the main strengths of Asterix (and it's various translations) has to been the great character names - puns galore. Through all this, there is also a common usage of the same suffixes (with a few exceptions) to denote different cultures. For example, all of the Gaulish men have names ending with an "-ix", while most of the women have names ending with an "-a". Some of the other common suffixes are:

Table 4.1. Common Suffixes

Culture / Country / Region Suffix
Romans -us
Greeks -os or -es or -us
Persians -es
Britons -ax
Goths -ric
Normans -af
Danes -sen
Egyptians (also phoenicians) -is / -et (not very strict)
Iberians -on
Indian (women) -ade
Indian (men) -it / -at. Indian men's name also begin with a questioning prefix such as what-, how-, who-
Vikings -ssen