Chapter 6. Frequently Asked Questions about the Asterix Annotations

What are these Annotations anyway?

The Asterix Annotations is a guide to hidden and non-obvious humour in the Asterix comics.

The Asterix comics, originally in French, are extremely popular in Europe. The Asterix comics have been translated into languages from Afrikaans to Welsh. All the books have been translated into English by the brilliant Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge. Some of the books have also been translated into American English but were not as popular as the English ones. The Annotations are for the English and American translations.

Where can I get the latest version of the Annotations?

The latest version of The Asterix Annotations are available at the Asterix Annotations web site at

Reading things on the computer screens is making me go blind. Is there a printable version of the Annotations?

A PDF version of the Annotations is available at If you do not mind the downing of a few trees in printing a paper version of the Annotations, you can download and print the PDF version with pretty formatting. Besides, Getafix will probably be along shortly anyway helping trees grow instantaneously with his magic potion induced seeds.

Is there an online forum to discuss Asterix with other comic book fans?

The only such forum that this author is aware of is the Asterix Mailing List started by six enthusiastic Dutch collectors of Asterix. The purpose of the mailing list is to discuss subjects that are related to Asterix and to give Asterix collectors a chance of finding fellow collectors which might be interested in exchanging Asterix albums and other Asterix objects. The preferred language on the mailing list is English. However, if you feel that your active knowledge of English is not sufficient you can also use French.

Where can I buy Asterix books in <language>

Asterix Around the World is a good source.

Is there an official Asterix web site?

The Official Asterix Site is available in French, English, German, Dutch and Spanish.